WHITEPAPER: Speech Analytics 3d Model - Data Drives Decisions

This methodology by Sabio analyses and extracts actionable information from all customer interactions to facilitate decision making and transformation of customer-centric results through Speech Analytics.

  • What challenges does the Speech Analytics 3D Model: Data Drives Decision overcome?

    1. Putting customer experience at the heart of company strategy, without needing to ask the customer for their feedback yet again.
    2. Ability to produce actionable business information so that all company departments can understand the impact of their decisions.
    3. Not missing the boat in the shift to digital: automatic analysis of interactions and processes that bring together the triple perspective of client, employee and company when looking at customer experience.

    Speech Analytics allows you to improve decision-making processes and results by accessing data, until now not available, through a map of automatic indicators that continuously monitor the most strategic interactions and processes, both from the customer's point of view, as from the employee and the business.

    Understand what is happening at all points of contact

    The Sabio 3D Model provides instant unified and structured data which is highly useful for the company, reducing the need to invest additional resources in integrating systems and asking the customer for feedback again.

    In less than a month, any company can implement this methodology as a cloud-based service. All that is needed is the audio recordings and the associated metadata. This method offers companies a unified vision that allows them to truly understand what is happening at all points of contact with customers and to improve their results through analysis of all available interactions.

    The Sabio 3D Model methodology is completely modular, scalable and flexible. The projects are always result-orientated and completely actionable.

    Download Sabio's Whitepaper: Speech Analytics 3D Model - Data Drives Decision