Reduce call volumes in 30 minutes with contact centre AI

See how DVELP saved time for M&S in their contact centre Average Handling Time through automation.

On this webinar we showed you a live demonstration of how to set up a contact-centre AI that significantly reduces both the number of calls passed on to agents and the average handling time.

DVELP explained how Airline, DVELP’s solution based on Twilio and Google Dialogflow made it possible to deploy a solution for in 30 days that increased routing accuracy by 70% over their existing IVR, and saved 10 seconds in handling time.

To ensure they can offer best-in-class customer experiences, M&S asked DVELP to help replace a legacy phone system which routes 11 million calls to stores and contact centre per annum, with an AI-powered solution to improve the accuracy, efficiency and scalability of routing.


  • Tom Mullen, CEO, DVELP
  • Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio