Harnessing AI & Automation for Seamless Customer Journeys

According to Business Insider, everyone’s ‘freaking out’ about AI stealing jobs, while – according to new research 46% of UK respondents actually still have no idea what AI is all about.

Harnessing AI and automation for your customer journeys can do wonders, offering a customer facing service 24/7, helping agents deliver a better service and improving operational efficiency. But in order to fully harvest the ROI of technology, companies must take the right approach, following a few simple steps.

Our experts from Forrester and Sabio discussed the 6 key steps to identifying the role of AI in your customer service strategy, and the practical ways you can implement it.

Watch the on-demand session to learn:
  • How you can blend human and AI customer service
  • The 5 whys technique to assess if you really need AI or automation
  • The art of a conversation – understanding intent, capturing information and using data to discover why your customers call
  • How you can go from zero to automation in 8 weeks
About Our Speakers

Karine Cardona-Smits -Senior Analyst, Forrester


Karine is a senior analyst focused on service design — specifically how it drives cross-teams collaboration; user experience (UX) design for mobile apps or web; and customer service as a driver for Customer Experience (CX). Based in Amsterdam, her research also covers other aspects of CX in Europe. Before joining Forrester, Karine was Service Design Lead at MOBGEN (Accenture Interactive), working with clients in a variety of industries including finance, insurance, energy, automotive, retail, and travel. Prior to that, she held senior roles in UX design and UX strategy at several firms and agencies in the Netherlands and France.

Stu Dorman - Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio


As Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart’s role is to build upon Sabio’s innovation culture as well as helping clients to think differently about how they engineer their customer experiences by applying technology, innovation and disruptive thinking.