Accelerating multi-channel innovation to reduce customer effort for the BGL Group

Digital sits firmly at the heart of any successful customer engagement programme.


    One organisation that’s actively putting this into practice is The BGL Group – a European financial and legal services organisation and the company behind leading brands such as Budget, Dial Direct, Bennetts and

    Working closely with its technology partner Sabio, BGL Group operates an innovative ‘Hot House’ approach to accelerate innovation and digital channel take-up across the organisation’s multiple businesses.

    Operational Challenge

    The BGL Group was keen to investigate how additional contact options such as web chat and video chat could benefit customers. To ensure this, BGL asked its technology partner Sabio for support in bringing a number of new digital channels to market.

    Sabio Solution

    Sabio implemented its experienced multi-channel customer engagement technology team, taking innovative technology from initial proof-of-concept through to successful production-quality solutions ready for broader contact centre deployment.

    Results Delivered

    - Successfully delivering additional channel options for customers, increasing productivity while also reducing overall customer effort levels
    - Rapid delivery of live web chat solution for Beagle Street.
    - Successful project and immediate customer benefits has led to further web chat projects with and other internal brands such as Budget and Dial Direct
    - Piloted one of the insurance industry’s first commercial video chat solutions – for BGL’s Auto & General brand
    - Helping simplify customer engagement processes for BGL, supporting commitment to differentiate through technology